Turn up the volume of your deep inner wisdom.

Helping you find and follow your inner calling in your unique way is my absolute passion.

Geoff Newton

Hi I’m Geoff Newton, “Letting Love Lead” Group Facilitator, Heart IQ Facilitator and Coach who has been helping people receive guidance, clarity, and support with their purpose and contribution for the past 10 years!

I believe there are many people “waking up” right now to a deep inner call to lead, inspire, or help others in some way.

These people have an important role to play as we head into a future that needs our individual gifts, perspectives, and new solutions to old problems!

If you feel this call and want to be a coach, speaker, author, healer, or any other position of serving and helping others, you have might have noticed yourself getting caught up in one or another form of resistance, mysteriously holding yourself back!

Whether you get stuck in the planning stages of a project, struggle with indecision, procrastination, feeling shy or unworthy, or you don’t know where to start, there are many natural leaders out there just like you who haven’t found their inner permission to move forward in a way that feels true to themselves!

The good news is there’s a much easier way to break through that resistance and confusion!

The group gatherings and one-on-one coaching can help you “turn up the volume” of your deep inner wisdom, making it MUCH easier to break through any resistance, fear, and doubt, and fuel your dreams with inspiration, guidance, and clarity!

If you feel the call to step into a new chapter of your life where you get to follow your dreams of helping others, please join us in the Letting Love Lead circles or contact me for an individual coaching session.

This workshop is only offered in English at this time. As a Canadian born Netherlands resident, I am slowly learning Dutch but am only able to deliver the workshop in English!

Helping you find and follow your inner calling in your unique way is my absolute passion so please visit the Letting Love Lead registration page for more details, and I look forward to seeing you soon!

With love,

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Letting Love lead

Group gatherings in English for people who want to follow their dreams of helping others. The support from the circle will fuel your dream to become a coach, speaker, author, etc. Reserve your spot  here

Individual purpose coaching

 In his one to one coaching sessions Geoff helps you gain clarity about how to move forward in your business and creative projects, by helping you tune into your deeper wisdom and guidance.